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Divine guidance is always available to you, you just have to ask - & learn to accept

How much time do you spend wishing you were different? Wishing your story, your traumas, your life... hadn't been as it was. How much energy are you spending replaying your failures. Those moments in your life you wish didn't exist. How much energy do you spend running from what is? Self medicating so you don't have to face it, or denying it's existence all together. You can't go back and change a thing, and you can't pretend the past doesn't exist. So - where does that leave you? . Hopeless? . Broken? . Ashamed? . Unworthy? . Maybe... or *maybe* this is the space where your soul becomes so weary it cries out "ENOUGH". Where you accept the weight you are carrying cannot be carried alone. This is your surrender. This is where transformation lives. Through your search for relief, acceptance, purpose, and a everlasting inner peace, you will find the love - the source energy, that has always been waiting for you to open up, and accept it. . When we accept our journey, our awakening to become who we are - we return to love. When we become one with love there is no space for doubt or fear. There is only forward movement and trust in the Universe's infinite supply of possibilities. . You let go of who you were... to become who you were always meant to be. . And once you accept this truth - you will never feel alone. . . .

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