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Laiken turned ONE, & we finally get to celebrate! | Edmonton Photographer | Wetaskiwin Photographer


What was supposed to be a indoor minimalistic cake smash and splash turned into something so much more magical thanks to Covid-19, and social isolating measures. It's not very often that we find ourselves being grateful for a worldwide pandemic - but hey, here we are! Making things happen! Ha. On a sunny and warm May evening we met at one of my favourite locations 30 minutes south of Edmonton. That handsome little 5 year old you see there? That's Joshua. Josh was my FIRST newborn ever, his arrival into this world marked the beginning of my photography journey. To think back 5 years ago, how one decision to step out of my comfort zone has expanded into... all of this. If I hadn't taken the leap to try my luck as a entrepreneur breaking out into the photography industry, there would be no way that I would have grown into this confidence, and ease of who I am, and what I wish to create in this world. Now, seeing this big boy running around so excited (as always) to see me means more than I could ever express. He is the sweetest little dude, and the best big brother to the chubbiest little ham. Little brother Laiken turned 1 in March! After sitting around for weeks, it was finally warm enough that we decided we could safely shoot his session outdoors while maintaining the social distancing orders. What a experience! If there is one thing I took away from my first photography session since the Corona came around it's this: I. Suck. At. Social. Distancing. It is sooooo freaking hard. So hard. Fortunately the farthest I've adventured in the last while is Tim Hortons for my life juice, and there are zero cases in our general area(s). But still - this is garbage, and I don't understand, or know how this is going to be feasible for me as a photographer long term when; a.) I am a toucher. Like big time. If you've worked with me you know this. I apologize for it multiple times during our time together. I can't help it.

b.) I MISS PEOPLE. A lot. Which is weird for me to say, because shockingly I consider myself a introvert. But it's true - as I write this I'm imagining how amazing a real hug from another real human being would feel, and it makes me want to cry.

c.) Babies. And kids. They are so cute, they are so loveable, they are so squishy and plump and full of love, and guppiness and all things irresistible. HOW DO YOU RESIST TOUCHING? How do you stop a well-meaning toddler from running over wanting to see the shot on camera, because well... that should be normal.

d.) Being of service. I'm a helper. It's just what I do. If I see something that needs to be carried, if something gets dropped, if I see a kid about to get slobbered by a german shepherd who wants to check out the cake... etc. It is a constant internal battle of - you can't do that. Don't touch this. Was that okay? Did I get too close? What if I sneeze? Am I going to jail now? (kiiiidding) For real though. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. So while I am very grateful for how the images from this session turned out, I'm also going to pout for a minute because over the last few weeks I've been really really good at rolling with the punches - I swear. Now... as a professional I am supposed to pre-warn my clients to maintain their distance at all times, which also means telling their kids (who I love) to keep away from me. I'm expected to wear PPE where necessary. I'm expected not to touch, no props, no lovings. And... it's tough. Most of the reason I do what I do is to get myself out and around people. To make sure I always remember why it's worth it to put myself out there, to be vulnerable, to co-create, to connect as a human... because of the relationships, memories, and love that's been created over the years I've grown to be who I am, and I have this amazing "business", and community. Because of my BFF approach, I've created something truly me, that is magical in itself. So, to feel like you are only able to get bits and pieces of what you deem normal is a strange thing to navigate. I'll do my best, we all can and should as we work together to get through this. But it doesn't mean that sometimes we can't stop and recognize how badly it sucks. Or how we wish it could be different. I see everyone adapting - moving forward into the next stage of creating a new normal, trying to make the best of things... and even though I will too, I'm not always happy about it. Sometimes, not even in the slightest. I want you to know that it isn't easy even as a professional, and that a thousand times over I would rather be smothering your babies with love and hugs and piggy back rides, and hugging the crap out of you over this social distancing. This is tough, but we will come out on the other side, and in the mean time there will always be a abundance of magic with Lightwork Empire.


For the client-friends I do get to celebrate milestones with this year - I am so freaking excited to see what we can create in spite of these challenges, and how we can overcome to make the absolute best memories! This will be a interesting photography season - that's for sure! I hope you enjoyed the magic we captured for Laiken's first birthday! Let me know your thoughts about all of this in the comments! Is it easier to social distance? or to not see your people at all? I want to know your tricks, and how you're handling it. All love,

- Stephanie


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