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Life with sweet Josie | Leduc Photographer

a mother’s love cannot be measured⁣ it can only be poured in ways no one can see⁣ filling all voids and darkness between time and space⁣ creating home and safety for those she loves⁣ even when she can’t feel it for herself⁣ ⁣ and on the darkest nights when she is sure she has nothing left to give⁣ when her bones are sore⁣ and her mind is numb⁣ she trades her overwhelm for surrender⁣ her exhaustion for prayer⁣ ⁣ and as her heart falls to pieces⁣ out it flows⁣ expansive⁣ all encompassing⁣ never ceasing⁣ ever present ⁣ ⁣ a mother’s love will always find a way⁣ especially when she doesn’t think she can

- Stephanie Violet

I am so grateful for the time I had with Josie & her wonderful parents and big sis. It was a little bit chilly the day of our session, but everyone did great! I’ve been following Josie’s story, and have sent so much love their way over the years that I felt it was only right to finally reach out and say hi in real life. . I listen to my heart a lot and I can be impulsive. I often find I'm hitting the send button before I even realize what I’m doing. Each year I end up "gifting" a number of sessions just on a whim, and as it feels right. This might mean I’m not always a great business person as I lead with love first. I know it’s not always great for financial gain, or my editing log but fuck it makes me feel so good. Especially when I know it is well deserved and needed. . Sometimes we just have to trust in the balance of the Universe, and accept the call as Angels here on earth. If you are in a position to help others - do so. Be a Angel! Make someone's day just because. Do something nice just because. You never know the full extent of the healing it can bring, or the impact it will make. Everyone needs to feel seen, loved, and know that they are worthy of time and energy. God knows we need more heaven here on earth, & our love holds the light. To follow Ms. Josie's story & continue sending her love head over to:

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