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Love & Chaos - Robins Farm Wetaskiwin Family Session | Wetaskiwin Photographer | Leduc Photographer

When I first moved to Wetaskiwin I was so nervous to make friends. I spent much of the first few years by myself as a first time mom keeping busy with the demands of a growing family. It was easy to not have to put myself out there, and I could keep to myself as much as I wanted. Once I decided to venture out into this world as a photographer I started having to overcome my social anxieties and meet new people. It was terrifying, and exactly what I needed to grow as a person. Before I knew it, making connections became something I looked forward to, instead of something I'd put off. The shift came when I realized how fortunate I was to be calling in client-friends who were down to earth, kind, and abundant in love. Like this crew! I remember like it was yesterday, arriving to the Robin's family farm in Wetaskiwin County for a newborn session. Walking in to warm smiles, a cozy home, and of course - the chaos of a new family of 5. Baby wasn't quite ready for his pictures so we had some time to chat and get to know one another while the big sisters ran wild, and Dad tried to not be in the way. Being a mom to 3 myself, there was probably lots of unsolicited parenting advice shared, a feeling of knowing, and moments of "I get it mama, you're not alone." Maybe that's why we connected immediately - their chaos felt familiar to mine. Even now years later that still rings true. Over time we have had more family photography sessions, play dates, texts and messages about the trials of parenting and life in general. I'm so proud to call this mama a friend and so grateful that she chose me to photograph her family all those years ago. I'm so happy to know her, and all my other clients who have turned out to be soul-friends. Not exactly what I planned when I started this little business of mine, but life always brings you the people you need one way or another!


Thank you again so much to the Robins family for having me out to play on your farm! This session was so special to me in more ways than one and I hope you love all these memories and images as much as I do. xo

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