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Putting yourself first will always change your life for the better

The best thing I ever did for myself, my marriage, my family, and my community was to commit to loving and putting ME first. All ways. Showing love to yourself takes many forms including; • boundaries w/ family & friends • seeking healing therapies • uncovering your passions • pursuing a purpose led career • following intuition & the things that feel like “home” • surrounding yourself only with people who feel good

• refusing to settle for less Self love isn’t as simple as routine beauty appts, and regular shopping dates.

Self love is about acknowledging the best version of yourself that is waiting to be uncovered, and loving yourself enough to take the journey inwards. It’s about learning to love the person you are, while accepting everything that got you here. It’s seeing your shadows and choosing to stand in your light in spite of them. It’s about trusting yourself enough to know that magic can only be seen and felt when we take the time to look within and take a leap of faith. ✨ When you prioritize the things that feel good to YOU - not only will it serve your highest good and shift your reality, but it will open doors for those you love as well. Don’t believe it? Ask me where I was two years ago. Trust me - I would have been skeptical too.

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