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Re-Wilding Session - J

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The wind, the storm, the great unknown ⁣

it whispers "who are you"

beckoning you forward⁣

which path should you choose⁣

will you follow your heart⁣

or retreat to what you know⁣

your life is waiting for you⁣

which way will you go⁣

safety calls you home ⁣

it asks what you will do⁣

“you won’t have me to fall back on⁣

how dare you make a move”⁣

the unknown sits quiet, still⁣

all knowing and expanse⁣

“patience child your time is here⁣

step forward to advance” ⁣

it’s never easy to go on ⁣

from all you’ve ever known⁣

yet the idea of never trying⁣

leaves you shaken to the bone⁣

and what if you step off the ledge

into a world you cannot see⁣

to risk it all, to live, to learn⁣

there are no guarantees⁣

as the storm inside you grows

remember this, remember well

clarity comes when you step forward⁣

you are only lost when you stand still⁣

⁣- s v

And this is what we know. You are not who you are expected to be - and that is okay.

"Okay" is a understatement. Let's try that again. "I am not who I am expected to be and that is beautiful. I am beautiful." Worth does not come from proving ourselves in roles we never asked for, or living up to expectations we never agreed to. Worth comes from knowing what is right for us and moving towards it no matter the consequence. Worth is choosing yourself. when it's easy and especially when it's hard. Worth is seeing the doubt rise around you, and knowing that it cannot hold you back. Worth is unconditional love. Love for yourself first, and foremost. Worth is going against a culture and pattern of shrinking, molding, and betraying yourself for the comfort of others. Worth is saying no to everything that isn't a resounding yes. Worth is knowing who you are, and teaching others how to treat you. Your worth is defined only by you, for you. For your highest level of being - for all that you are, and all that you are yet to be. Your worth is your power and you are in charge. With love

- SV _________________________________________________________________________________ Re-Wilding sessions by Lightwork Empire ✨

[photography + energy work + channeled message]

These magical & empowering photography + energy sessions encompass everything needed to confront, love, forgive, and move past the obstacles you are facing. You are invited to honour the sacred and divine feminine within, and see yourself through a different lens to gain a new perspective. Pure. Freaking. Magic.

If you are ready to honour all levels of who you are...

If you are ready to step into your power...

If you are ready to remember and release all you can be.

If you are ready for your magic to shine through.

It’s time. 🔥

Re-wilding sessions include a distance Reiki energy healing and intuitive reading prior to our photography session. During this time we will open up and discuss your full intentions for what you are wishing to clear, or shift before, during, and after our time together.

These sessions mean so much to me, and I am so proud to offer them to you - however it fits in to your story. I cannot wait to create more of these unique possibilities and light things up! If this has you written all over it - do NOT hesitate to reach out. Take it as your sign. ;) For all the information, and to apply - email

All Love!

- Stephanie Violet

[All original work and content copyright Lightwork Empire/Stephanie Paulson 2021]