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"She Became the Fire" - Rewilding Session

[ she became the fire ]

first came the water⁣

in the form of tears⁣

broken promises ⁣

and a washed away future⁣

waves crashing, crumbling⁣

dismantling hopes and dreams⁣

seeking to erase any trace ⁣

of a life no more⁣

dragging the truth to the surface⁣

remnants of what was ⁣

scattered to be washed away⁣

let it go water whispers⁣

broken but clear ⁣

delivered to the light⁣

next came the fire ⁣

fearless and proud⁣

demanding a reckoning ⁣

as it consumed everything⁣

it tore through the vessel her soul calls home⁣

she felt into the rage⁣

she harnessed it’s power⁣

she honoured her truth⁣

as it moved through everything she thought she knew⁣

everything she thought she was⁣

igniting the way ⁣