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The Deep Inhale

Here we are. Taking it in. Facing it all. This is the deep inhale. The pause to feel through what no longer fits. Breathe it all in. Call it by name. Seek your truth.

This is the calm that comes before the shift. Awaken. Go deep. Let it wash through your core. Feel all that is heavy lift away. To make space for new discoveries. To become. To align. To be set free. Inhale. Breathe in life giving energy. Breathe in change. Breathe in love. Breathe in purpose. Breathe in connection to the higher self. Allow all that has been waiting for you. Remember - we are one. Feel into the collective and trust. Together we will heal. Together we will shift. Together - we are here. Holding our breath. And together - we will breath new life again. o4.18.2o Lightwork Empire

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