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Trust your self.

Anxiety comes when the knowing of what we need conflicts with what the world tells us we should want. . Want to hack the system? - TRUST YOUR SELF . The world needs to update its programming, it’s what we’re here for - & it isn’t always easy. 👽 . Be fearless in the pursuit of what your soul knows to be best, because it is the exact medicine we all need. . Tune out the noise - Follow the call . . If you aren’t fully in trust with your self, start asking why. Seek the answers you need, peel back the layers, feel what’s been forgotten, and know it’s there to carry you through to the alignment and peace that is your birth right. You deserve to know yourself as whole. . To put it into practice: 1. Tap into your higher self energy by directly facing the feelings that come up around your “yes” and “no”. 2. If your reasons aren’t for you, if it doesn’t bring you peace, if you find yourself having to make sense or justify - get curious there. 3. Explore what that energy is trying to tell you. Feel it in your body. If it doesn’t serve you - let it go. 4. Question if there is a alternate way & if there isn’t - seek creative perspective. . It’s OKAY to ask for more, to want better for yourself, your partner, your family, your community. But first you need to find clarity surrounding your why. Your purpose. . Bring it back home to self. Trust in what your intuition says. . . If you would appreciate someone to walk with you on your journey holding space while you figure it all out - I’m here to help you sort. Explore my offers and see what calls to you! All love, - Stephanie

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