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When you know, before you know.

Two years ago, I posted this quote to mark the beginning of a deeper journey inward.

I knew what the words meant. I knew it resonated, and immediately I recognized it as a call to action.

Intuitively I also knew I wasn’t fully capable from where I was, to truly understand the depth of this statement, and what it would grow to mean as time went on.

I may not have understood the full scope of why, or how - but I knew more than anything that I wanted to be one with that feeling of stillness, and knowing.

Just yesterday I had a full realization about how much has changed within, how my projections, my inner dialogue, the tug of war... it has merged without me even realizing the exact moment that it evolved into this higher version of self and clear channel.

Seeing this memory, pulled everything together in deep gratitude for what it looks like now:

Doubt has been replaced by hope.

Confusion has been replaced by clarity.

Selfishness has been replaced by service.

Guilt has been replaced with boundaries, and self love.

Insecurity is now recognized as opportunities for growth.

And most importantly?

That fear is nothing more than a invitation to love.

And I know - nothing is ever out of order, everything is as it’s meant to be. Moment to moment, day by day.

Just because we can’t see the bigger picture, doesn’t mean it’s not there waiting for our discovery.

When you release the need to control, the need to manage and oversee, when you surrender and understand that everything you need to thrive is all accessible within, and waiting for you - you will be found.

And life will begin, and open for you in a new way. 🍃

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