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You have to let go, to allow flow.

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We went to the mountains yesterday. It felt SO good to be off the grid all day with no service, no stress, and no awareness of anything other than what was happening right in front of us.

You bet I took it all in, and let the spirits of the mountains work their magic.

I stayed light last night, and when I woke up this morning I felt all the “garbage fluff” (my term of endearment for the distractions from self) start to swirl around again.

And I realized;

I have a choice in which pieces I allow to land back on me.

I have a choice on what weight I carry each day.

I have a choice in where my energy is called, and how much/what I give.

Follow me on this one...

What if you could break down every heavy thought, negative emotion, each situation, toxic relationship, person, job, etc. to a basic framework of expanded energy that is simply judged on how it feels to you?

What if you could envision it being pushed out and away from your physical body, so that you can see it objectively?

How EASY would it be to sort and sift through the crap?

How clear would it be to see what is holding you back from being your highest expression of self?

How much better would it FEEL to give yourself permission to be unattached and just... let it go.

When we start moving and sorting on a energetic level, the universe supports the changes in our physical realities.

It makes the hard things - easier.

It breaks the chains.

It opens all possibilities.

And it brings you back to your purpose of being.

It brings you back to YOU.

This is the power of energy healing.

This is what is possible when you tap in.

This is what I am being called to show you, to teach you, and to remind you of.

Your own divine source knows what’s up.

It’s your job to learn how to listen.

And once you listen. Once you let go of all the things that aren’t meant for you - guess what comes next?


Space to expand, to receive, to be inspired, to create...

Space to grow into the next version of yourself.

To REMEMBER and step in to your own power.

To AWAKEN to your higher calling.

To be a part of the change coming.

To be who you came to be.

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