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What energy clients are saying:

"taking the step to have a healing session done with someone can be a scary move, but steph makes you feel at ease & comfortable with every word she says. her reading allowed me to self reflect on a deeper level. she has a gift & it's an amazing experience to get to feel her work. i would highly recommend a healing session/intuitive reading with steph - she can definitely shed some light if you're in a dark place or just needing that helping hand."

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Ready to do the deep soul work together?

ReWilding Experience

This divine offering encompasses all the magic - energy healing, activation, intuitive guidance, storytelling through photography, & a encouraging passage channeled just for you in this season of growth.


For full details, and to apply for a

Re-Wilding session please email

or fill out the contact form.

Energy Healing Session

When engaging in a energy healing session we connect with the flow of Reiki and move through the energy centres (Chakras) to dispel any stagnant energy that is ready to be cleared and healed. You will receive any messages and guidance that is waiting for you and space will be held for you as you integrate.

This service is available in person by appointment, or through distance/remote delivery. Time and space does not limit the healing that can be done through energy work.


During a distance appointment you will be asked to relax quietly on your own while the healing occurs. After your session is complete you will receive a intuitive energy reading highlighting any areas of interest, and all messages that came through for you from your Spirit team and loved ones. These messages include gentle but firm guidance on how to work with your energy and create more aligned steps on your path moving forward. Any questions from your reading will be answered, and a follow up call is available if needed.

In person sessions include 45 minutes of energy treatment, chakra balancing and clearing. Space will be held to discuss any areas of interest and what came up during your healing.

Clients who experience Reiki and energy healing will walk away with a renewed connection to self & higher purpose. This provides a greater sense of peace and fulfillment overall.

Intuitive Energy Reading

Looking for confirmation or re-calibration to help ensure you're on the right track? Intuitive psychic energy readings are always available for those who are seeking comfort and want to tap in to what the Universe is trying to tell them in this moment.

This service is completed by distance and you will receive a voice recording going over the messages and intuitive guidance channeled for you. You will also receive a Tarot/Oracle card confirmation, pictures of your cards, as well as the guidebook meaning will also be included to assist you further.

Your reading will be completed within 48 hours and returned to you via email.



distance available world-wide

distance available world-wide

please inquire!

starting at $144



please inquire!

All offerings have been intuitively created as a support for those who resonate as healers, witches, starseeds, empaths, and anyone who is ready to take their spiritual journey and magic to the next level - no holding back. If you are feeling a call, if you know there has to be more - Welcome Home. I can't wait to support you on your journey.


My vow to you

Not long ago, I was sick and tired - of feeling sick, and tired. So I began seeking a way to cope with being here, on earth. I was struggling, lost, I felt hopeless, I was uninspired, and I was just surviving the day to day barely holding on. I knew there had to be more to this life and my purpose here. One day I finally decided enough was enough, and I made the decision to dig deep and find out what I was missing. I found Reiki, I found energy healing, I found my higher self through connecting the dots of who I've always been. As I dove deeper into discovery I learned to decipher energy and lead with my intuition. I found my path to alignment, and now I want to assist you on yours.

What I wish I had realized sooner is that as we get older, less people are seeking out joy, and more are looking for ways to escape, numb and cope with a lack of. I didn’t know that every feeling, thought, and shift that I needed wasn’t in a partner, hobby, career, vacation, shopping trip, retirement savings, or a baby - there was happiness there... but the joy, love and completion I was craving? That was within ME. Just waiting to be discovered - the whole time.I held the key - and at any time I could have chosen to feel differently.

I had the power to co-create an aligned reality the whole time.

And the good news is - YOU DO TOO.

If you are a seeker of light, joy, and the power that lives inside. If you believe that you are capable of harnessing your inner bad-ass and co- creating the life you never could have imagined - IF you are ready to commit to loving yourself, and this life unconditionally - than welcome home! Thank you for showing up, & I am blessed to be able to support you in your healing journey.

Together we will break down the energetic resistance that is holding you back from being the highest version of yourself. The most feel good and fulfilled version of you. I'm ready to support you in releasing your fears and subconscious patterning and blocks so you can go all in with this life and do what you came here to do..

Remember... We are ALL capable of real magic, we are all capable of tapping in to this higher consciousness to not only heal ourselves, but others - as a direct and indirect result. It is a choice we get to make every day - to listen to our inner voice, tap in to our higher power, and re- align with who we came here to be.

My purpose is to awaken others to their own power, and ability to create the purpose fueled life of their dreams, so they can inspire others to do the same.

This is how we create a better world - together.

If you feel it, let's connect and discover all that's waiting for you.


All Love,

- Stephanie Violet

My Vow

Ready to co-create a life that feels good on all levels?
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