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The ReWilding Experience

rebel against

the limitations

you’ve been taught,

re-wild yourself to accept;

all that you are,

all that you were,

& most importantly

all that you can be

honour your light

integrate your shadow

become the wild within

ReWilding with Lightwork Empire is a magical and empowering

experience encompassing everything needed to confront, accept, love,

forgive, and move past any obstacles you are facing in your current reality

connecting you to your higher power and grounding you in your truth.

An opportunity to see yourself through the lens of the divine, and gain a higher perspective.

Your Experience weaves together in two parts:

Soul Discovery & Expansion
Intuitive Energy Reading & Reiki Energy Healing

Spiritual Coaching & Guidance

Explore & Integrate

Nature session exploring levels of self
Your story told through photography
A encouraging passage channelled for you
in this season of transformation & growth.



Are you ready to say yes to experiencing all levels of who you are? Are you ready to dive deep and discover parts of yourself you never even knew existed? If you feel it in your mind, heart, and soul that your divine  magic is waiting for your awareness - let's explore it. Send me a email, or fill out the contact form and I will send you the ReWilding Guide highlighting everything you can expect in detail so we can begin connecting and see where it takes us!