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Rebel Rewilding Community

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channelled collective reading each week

discussion on relevant & collective energy

thought prompts for self reflection

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sisterhood, guidance, support

Access all of this, & more for


rebel against

the limitations

you’ve been taught,

re-wild yourself to accept;

all that you are,

all that you were,

& most importantly

all that you can be

honour your light

integrate your shadow

become the wild within



Are you ready

to say yes?

ReWilding Session

This divine offering encompasses all the magic - energy work, intuitive guidance, storytelling through photography, & a encouraging passage channelled just for you in this season of growth.

For full details, and to apply for a

Re-Wilding session please email

or fill out the contact form.



Have you been feeling the call to dive deeper into your energy? Are you restless? Seeking change? Ready to show up fully for your life? Are you called towards guidance to know how you can shift your current reality?

Stephanie Violet offers many levels of healing services from tarot & oracle cards, intuitive psychic readings, distance & in person reiki/energy healing sessions, 1 on 1 coaching, and spiritual resources & guidance through the Rebel Rewilding online community.

If you are ready to explore & tap in to the energy that surrounds you - Let's connect!


higher self guidance

Imagine knowing all things about yourself, your reality, the levels of who you were, are, and who you will become. What would you tell yourself in this exact moment? What is it that you would need to hear?


Find out through a channelled message from your higher self collective, and receive peace, reassurance, and tangible guidance to help you through.

Clients can choose to add the visual support of Oracle/Tarot cards to this service.

Looking for a quick confirmation or re-calibration to help ensure you're on the right track? One card readings are always available for those who are seeking comfort and want to tap in to what the Universe is trying to tell them in this moment.


Divine Healing

reiki energy healing

Distance or in person sessions available. Treating yourself to a energy clearing through Reiki is a gift that keeps on giving. Honouring your connection to source allows your energetic bodies to open and universal life force energy to flow through your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

When engaging in a energy healing session I connect with your Guides and Spiritual team to access any areas that are currently causing frustration, or a lack of flow.

After your session you will walk away with a renewed connection to self & your higher purpose. This provides a greater sense of peace and fulfillment in your day to day.


You will receive a intuitive reading highlighting any areas of interest, and all messages that came through as well as guidance on the ways you can continue to work within your energy.

Curious about the world of energy and how it applies to your life? Reiki is a great place to start!



soul discovery

Breathe in the essence of all that makes up - you. Explore all levels of self through soul discovery.

Your commitment to Soul Discovery includes all the benefits of Reiki energy healing, and so much more.

Seeking through soul discovery is a powerful activation and deep healing process, therefore a commitment to a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. You will be fully supported in this space with 1 on 1 soul coaching, energy healing practice for self, and guidance along the way.

This container of sessions includes but is not limited to: shadow work, past life healing, and integration, energetic cord cutting, ancestral work, quantum healing, psychic activation - anything is possible.


Designed for healers, empaths, and those who are ready to take their spiritual journey to the next level - no holding back.


When you are ready, we will begin.



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